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Careers: Services

Sales Representative

The Sales Representative would manage existing customer relationships and help acquire new customers for our clients. They are directly responsible for the preservation and expansion of our client's customer-base. The ideal candidate will be experienced in sales and customer service and would be reliable, professional, and results-driven. The overarching goal of this position is to identify opportunities with prospects and build them into long-term, profitable relationships.

Team Lead

Team leads are the leaders and trainers of the team. The responsibilities of this position will be to help conduct interviews and screen for promising new team members. Additionally, Team Leads are teachers! You must be able to speak in front of a crowd, produce and understand training materials, and evaluate how well employees are learning; a great teacher will also adjust their teaching style to each team member accordingly. 


Junior Partner

The responsibilities of a Junior Partner turn more towards the behind-the-scenes aspect of the business. Team members in this position will learn how to do payroll, perform all aspects of the recruiting process, and master the banking and budgeting systems. The most important role of the Junior Partner is the planning of an expansion project and to oversee the progress of the traning program


All Partners start from the entry level and are hired from within. They are responsible for all in-store marketing campaigns in the territory and ensuring we uphold our client's brand management standards. The responsibilities of a Partner also include scouting for potential new expansion locations and fully preparing their team members for success.


If you're interested in joining our team, let us know below!

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